Dr. G‘s Antimicrobial Whiter Nails

Dr G’s Double nail whitening treatment. Advanced method for treating your yellowing nails caused by smoking, coloring products and nail polish, Nails chemical contact.

- Improved and restore your nails to natural white.
- Effective in one use
- Advisable after using acrylic nails
- conjunction with Dr. G's Clear Nail product.

How to use: Nail whitening treatment

- Apply Whitening Cream with clean, dry bare nails, to cover the affected nails.
- Used whitening after/over of actvating Gel.
- Using a cuticle stick, mix cream and gel together on the nail and
let this mixture sit for at least one minute.
- Scrub for one minute with a nail brush and then have client
thoroughly rinse and dry completely.

Number pieces in packaging : 2