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About Us

In this digital era, professional salons need to transform from traditional ways of doing business by integrating e-commerce in their business model. By going digital, salons not only provide a full suite of services, now also offer a wider choice of online product shopping for their customers in the salon. With personalized service and expert knowledge, shoppers are ensured with quality and 100% authentic products. is a new business concept, offering an e-commerce platform to the professional nails & beauty industry and their salon customers

Our International Business Partners

For 25 years, we have developed excellent relationships with the beauty manufacturers from USA. These mega companies have been leading the American nail and beauty industry in the development and manufacturing of the most innovative and professional beauty and skincare products for men and women. They fully understand what is  takes to be successful in this competitive and ever-changing world of beauty.

Our Business

J&P Holdings, is an importer and appointed distributor offering professional beauty products to professional salons and beauty academy. We carry many brands, intended for use in salons and for resale by salons to retail consumers.

We offer comprehensive training on our products – from beginner to one-to-one Masterclasses with our top educators. We also provide in-salon product training for beauty technicians of all skill levels. For salon business, we also have a dedicated team of fully trained professional, providing expert advice and technical support. is our online store. As a leading seller of nails & beauty product, this e-commerce platform will provide customers with an awesome shopping experience featuring the hottest trends in the beauty industry at affordable and competitive prices.